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Home of the Fine Arts

Welcome to Fine Arts with Mrs. Harrison!!!
I have been the Fine Arts teacher here at Brule Elementary for the past four years.  We have done some great performances and beautiful art, but I look forward to something new this school year to make your child love art and music.
This year I will be covering Art in the Fall Semester and we will leap into Music in the Spring Semester.  I will be having each class per grade level for a week at a time, so your child will visit Fine Arts every 3 weeks.   
      My Schedule
8:00-8:30  Pre-K
9:05-9:35 Kindergarten
9:35-10:05  First Grade
10:05-10:35  My lunch
10:40-11:55  Lunch Duty
11:55-12:55  My Conference
12:55-1:25  Second Grade
1:25-1:55  Third Grade
2:00-2:30  Fourth Grade
2:30-3:00  Fifth Grade
Check out some fantastic artists' pieces made right here at Brule Elementary.